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Pain Free after Prayer for Kidney Stones/Back Pain May 2010

A few weeks ago at our Tuesday night meeting, we had a gentleman who came for prayer.  His wife had been there telling us his back was giving him pain and he was going to have surgery on it in a few days.  As we began to pray for him, someone got a word of knowledge about his kidneys, and the man told us he was suffering with a kidney stone at the moment and that his pain was 6/10.  He said he had kidney stones fairly frequently.  We continued to pray asking him every little bit what his pain was, and after the first prayer, his pain went down to a 4/10.  At the end of our praying for him for an extended period of time, about 20 minutes, he was completely pain free!  Praise be to God.  Also, some who were praying for his back, said that their hands were very warm and he was experiencing a very intense heat at the area of his back where he was going to have surgery.  He has subsequently had surgery on his back and had a very good report post operatively!   Praise be to God!  

Instantly Pain Free of Arthritis/Pain of the Knees at Mike Flynn Conference      May 2010

One of our members went to Mike Flynn requesting prayer.  When he asked her what she needed prayer for, she said that she had many medical problems and to pray for "everything".  As Mike began to pray, she experienced total pain relief of her arthritic knee, which had caused her to have an difficulty walking with a normal gait, because her knee wouldn't bend very well.    She told Mike that she felt totally free of pain at the end of their prayer. She has been walking with a normal gait ever since!  She reported this to us in May, and that she is still pain free! Praise God!

Miracles in the Hills - See sidebar for the whole story

In the fourth month of pregnancy, doctors discovered many physical problems with the baby as they did ultrasounds to determine his condition. The doctors initially were concerned that the baby might be born with Down syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis.  The doctors discovered that one leg appeared to be longer than the other was.  They also found that there was only one kidney and it was not functioning at a safe level..........

Emotional Healing 5-21-09 Reverend Nigel Mumford Conference

As the Rev. Nigel Mumford prayed for me, he got right to the heart of the matter, which was indeed a ‘matter of the heart’ and I quickly experienced a peace and emotional healing beyond what I had been able to prior to that. And yes, I concur – as he so vivaciously states “God is BRILLIANT” – All Praise to Him!!   P.S.

Testimonies - April 2009 Healing Conference

We received several testimonies shortly after the conference, from different people who received physical healing after prayer with Reverend Mumford.  We received testimonies from people who were blessed by the entire weekend and blessed by the teachings on "God's Amazing Love".  One of our newer members described feeling the presence of God as she listened to prayers going on around her.  She had never experienced anything like this before.  A member was blessed by a particular way that the Reverend Mumford had prayed for them.  "The whole weekend was glorious," exclaimed another person in our group.  As we continue to receive testimonies, they will be added to this page.  All praise to our Lord Jesus. 

Baby Girl's Birth 5-3-09 - OSL

We received a prayer request from a friend in England. His sister was having a problem with the birth of her baby and she might have to have a c-section.  We came and earnestly prayed for this woman and her baby that all would be well and that the Lord would take care of them both.  This request was on a Tuesday, the night we meet for OSL.  On the following Sunday, we received word that the baby had been born healthy and naturally and that mother and baby were doing very well.  You can see the baby's picture in our photo album page. 

Unforgiveness 4-26-2009 Reverend Nigel Mumford Conference

I was blessed by the healing conference this past weekend with Rev. Nigel Mumford. The most important thing about the healing ministry is Jesus and His love for us and his desire for us to be healed. Nigel said the biggest block to our healing is unforgiveness. He said that unforgiveness is an emotional cancer. Looking at it from this perspective, we should all evaluate ourselves to see if we have held on to unforgiveness. I asked the Lord to forgive me this weekend for unforgiveness I held in my heart. We serve a loving and compassionate God who wants to love us if we will let him.  God is BRILLIANT! B.B.

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